L-16         Current Projects

Elk Spar & Boat Shop has just finished the hull repair of another L-16, Decoy. All of the wooden L-16s we have worked on have had rotten veneers along the backbone, and some of them had deterioration of the keel batten itself. Decoy had a lot of both and the keel batten was broken in two places. Due to the budget on the project, the keel was stabilized with epoxy and left in the boat. Once the veneers were repaired on the outside, the boat was flipped, the interior torn out right down to the bone hull, and a heavy layer of fiberglass cloth was applied to the bilge area, extending well beyond the breaks in the keel. A new douglass fir keel batten was glued and screwed down and new floor timbers were fit in over the new keel section. The boat was flipped again and new fastenings wer put through the veneers into the new keel and the outside was fiberglassed.