L-16          Past Projects: North, Andante, Lyra and Ange

The restorations of these four boats were remarkably similar. They all had hull veneers that were all rotten in the area along the backbone. These veneers were replaced and the hulls fiberglassed. North and Lyra had keel battens too decayed to hold fastenings well, so we added ¾" of fir on top of the batten inside and then fiberglassed the interior bilge area. New floor timbers were also installed on both boats. Once the hulls were sound, the work proceeded to the rest of the boat.

Lyra needed a completely new deck, including new deck beams and bulkheads. North and Ange both needed extensive deck repair and all three boats needed new veneers on the cuddy tops and sides. The mahogony coaming and seats in both Lyra and Andante were good enough to merely refinish. Ange's mast had been lost and so we built her a new one. 

All four boats chose colorful racing colors with North and Lyra receiving an Awlgrip finish.