Historical Reproductions

Elk Spar & Boat Shop has been involved in the reproduction of five historical boats: Godspeed, Discovery, Eleanor, Beaver, and Adventure. 

The preparation for the celebration of the 100th anniversay of the Jamestown colony included the building of two of the three boats that brought settlers to America. Rockport Marine Built the Discovery and the Godspeed, and ESBS built the spars and all of the wooden rigging parts for both boats, such as the crows nests and top mast fittings.

Rockport Marine also built the Adventure for the state of South Carolina as an example of a 17th century cargo vessel, and ESBS was again called upon to build the complete set of spars.

In 2012, The Boston Tea Party Museum opened up in Boston with two recently completed ships, the Eleanor and the Beaver, to reenact the colonists throwing the tea overboard. ESBS was contacted to build the spars for both boats, making for a very busy winter. Each boat also had a crows nest and many period wooden rigging details.

See our Past Projects page to see the pictures of these reproductions!

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