Hollow Spars                                                 

The hollow sitka spruce mast is the epitome of a spar makers trade. It needs to look like a piece of furniture, be as light as possible, and yet capable of carrying the tremendous load of a sail pushing a boat in a 40 knot wind in rough seas.

ESBS has built dozens of hollow spars, ranging in size from a dainty little hollow mast built last year for a Lightning class racer to the 80' hollow masts for the schooner, Juno, built for Gannon and Benjamin. .

Spars can also be built from other woods besides sitka depending on your project and budget. Douglas fir is stronger but heavier and our local red spruce, also available in clear boards, is quite versatile and affordable.

We also have built hollow masts for Brooklin Boatyard, Boothbay Harbor Shipyard, D.N. Hylan and for a wonderful array of boat owners.

Our masts usually contain wires for lights and antennas, but we also have buried halyards, radar reflectors, lightning protection cables, copper tubes for an air horn, and even a picture of a grandmother.

We look forward to talking with you about your spar plans.

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